Features Overview

  • Maintenance Mode

    Manage downtime with Droppanel by easily enabling/disabling maintenance mode for new releases and emergencies

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  • Droppanel Web SSH

    Easily test your installation scripts with Droppanel's Web SSH.

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  • Semantic Droplet Management

    See and manage the logical relationships between your drolets, networks apps and services.

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  • Instant Load Balancing

    Deploy application load balancing instantly into your Digital Ocean environment.

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  • Image & Droplet Management

    Images deployed to your app are versioned and tracked so that you can review previous configurations and rollback to previous images

  • Live Upgrades

    Perform rolling upgrades across your application to ensure 100% uptime for code deployments

  • No Scripting Necessary

    Droppanel comes with a full UI for all of its features. Get your app up and running in seconds without needing to learn a configuration language or specialized command line tool

  • Open Source Deployments

    Deploy popular highly available infrastructures on all major programming languages and platforms including Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, & Node.JS

  • Just Shell

    Droppanel images are configured with just universal Shell commands. No need to learn a proprietary configuration language, command line tool or DSL

  • Community Library

    Droppanel ships with a library of community supported shell scripts for popular installations. Get started deploying environments quickly