Immutable Deployments

Deploy often, with confidence.

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Immutable Deployments

Droppanel's deployments are immutable by design. Immutable deployments are the gold-standard in software delivery. An immutable deployment ensures that your web application servers are exactly the same each and every time you deploy code, removing any possibility for defect or misconfigured servers when doing deployments. Droppanel achieves immutable deployments by managing the rollout of your new releases for you, always applying your installation scripts in the exact same order, and thus ensures identicial configurations between all of your running servers. With droppanel, logging into and manually keeping application servers up to day is no longer necessary.

With Immutable Deployments you can:

  • Launch a new release of your app without impacting your running application.
  • Instantly rollback to a prior version of your application without fail.
  • Secure your servers from unauthorized access and unauthorized configuration.

Getting Started:

See the Creating Your First App tutorial. All App deployments are immutable by default.