Semantic Droplet Management

Quickly manage your apps and resources.

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Semantic Droplet Management

Droppanel organizes your apps, services & neworks logically so that you know how they relate to each other, what regions they reside in, what resources they are using, and many other factors. With Droppanel, you can quickly see the layout and relationships of your infrastructure.

With Semantic Droplet Management you can:

  • See all of the droplets management by droppanel in one view
  • See how your droplers, apps and services relate to each other
  • Quickly find the IP addresses and networks related to your apps and services
  • Audit your droplets for consistency and orphaned droplets which are costing you money

Getting Started:

To get started using sementic droplet management, create your first app, then you can browse your instances and link apps to services.