Archiving Applications

Use the application arhive feature when you no longer want droppanel to manage the application and instances at the provider. Archiving itself will not delete any insances at the provider, but will simply hide the application from normal viewing and reporting from within Droppanel. Archiving can be undone.

  1. Go to the Apps list
  2. Click the Archive Button
  3. Review your app and confirm
  4. Viewing Archived Apps
  5. Unarchiving Apps

Steps to Archive

  • Go to the Apps List

    List Apps
    A sample list of application

  • Click the Archive Button

    On the app that you wish to archive, click the archive button. You will be asked to confirm your archiving on the next screen.

    Archive App
    Click the archive app button

  • Review your app and confirm

    Archiving will not delete instances at the provider (in case you want to keep them running). If you want to delete instances, go into the app and delete the instances that you want to shut down. The archival confirmation screen shows you which instances are still running. When you are ready to archive your app, click After the archival is complete, you will be taken back to the apps list.

    Archive App
    Click the archive app button
  • Viewing Archived Apps

    If you ever need to get back to your archived applications, you can do so from the button on the apps list

    view archived apps
    Click the view archived apps button to see all previously archived apps
  • Unarchiving Apps

    From the unarchived apps view (described above), apps can be unarchived by clicking the button.

    unarchive app
    Click the 'unarchive app' button to unarchive the app