Creating Your First App

Use Droppanel to easily deploy and manage high availability web applications on DigitalOcean. This tutorial will guide you through deplyoing and managing your apps.

  1. Introducing apps
  2. What kind of apps can I deploy with Droppanel?
  3. Setting Up Your App
    1. Login to Droppanel
    2. Create App
    3. Enter Digital Ocean Key
    4. Select Your Application Region
    5. Skip Load Balancing for Now
    6. Configure Image
    7. Review & Finalize
    8. First App Created!

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Introducing Apps

Droppanel helps organize and deploy your web applications by managing collections of droplets on DigitalOcean, and Droppanel calls these collections Apps. An App can be any web application in any programming language, Java, Ruby, Go, Python, NodeJS, etc. Droppanel can deploy unlimited Apps and helps you manage deployments, upgrades and new releases.

What Kind of Apps can I Deploy with Droppanel?

Droppanel is designed to deploy any kind of internet facing application which is suitable for DigitalOcean infrastructure. This can be blogs, ecommerce stores, SaaS software, microservices, and any other kind of internet application. In addition, Droppanel will help you manage the storage, databases and other services needed by your application. See Creating Your First Service

Setting Up Your App

The first step is to tell Droppanel a little bit about your app.

Steps to Creating your App

  • Login or Signup to Droppanel

    Droppanel signup
    some description about the image

  • Click "Create App"

    After logging in, you will be taken to your Apps list. Click "Create App" to begin the app creation process.

    Droppanel create app
    Your Droppanel Apps List.

    You will then be taken to the App creation wizard. We will walk through each step. The first step here asks for some basic information about your web application, the App Name, Domain Name, and Provider. For this tutorial, enter the following and click Next:

    App Name:
    Droppanel Tutorial
    Domain Name:

    Droppanel create app form
    This wizard will walk you through creating your Droppanel app
    About the Sample Provider

    Droppanal deploys droplets at DigitalOcean, however droplets cost you money. So for tutorial and testing purposes, Droppanel has a "Sample" provider which deploys fake instances. You'll be able to test out all of Droppanel using the sample provider, but no actual instances are deployed. Or go ahead and use the DigitalOcean provider which will deploy real droplets and you can delete them later.

  • Enter Your Digital Ocean API Key

    You'll need your API key from DigitalOcean to proceed, otherwise use the Sample provider which will take any input as valid, and click Next

    Droppanel create app form
    Droppanel needs access to your DigitalOcean account in order to create droplets on your behalf.
  • Select Your Application Region

    All of the droplets in each App will live in a single DigitalOcean region so they the droplets can communicate with each other. Select the region you'd like your app to reside and click Next

    Droppanel create app region
    Select which DigitalOcean region your app should live
  • Enable Load Balancing?

    Droppanel can automatically deploy basic load balancers for you, or you can skip load balancing. We'll enable load balancing later in this tutorail so for now, select Skip Load Balancing for Now

    Droppanel create app region
    Load balancing allows for high availability applications.
  • Configure Image

    Each Droppanel App is made up of an image from which droplets are deployed. For now, leave the defaults as is and click Next

    Droppanel create app region
    Load balancing allows for high availability applications.
  • Review & Finalize

    Ensure that all of your selections were correct and then click Create App

    Droppanel create app region
    One last step before creating your first App!
  • First App Created!

    Ensure that all of your selections were correct and then click Create App

    Droppanel create app region
    Your first Droppanel App
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