Creating your First Release

With Droppanel, applications are launched using the concept of Releases. A release helps you test installation scripts before going live, keeps track of your scripts, and walks you through deploying an application.

  1. Creating Your First Release
  2. The New Release Wizard
  3. Release Steps
    1. Configure Image
      1. Install Script
      2. Image Settings
    2. Testing Your First Image

Creating the First Release

In a newly created App, it will be at version 0.0.0 and will not have any releases. When you are ready to deploy your first version, you click the create new release button as shown below. This will take you to the New Release Wizard

What your app looks like when first created
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The New Release Wizard:

The New Release Wizard will guide you through the steps of launching your application
The start of the new release wizard
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Release Steps

There are four steps in deploying a release in Droppanel and the wizard will walk you through them:

  1. Configure Image
  2. Deploying Instances
  3. Check Application
  4. Cleanup Resources

Configure Image

The configure image section allows you to setup your droplet boot script, resource sizes, and various options that are going to be used in deploying your application. It also allows you to test your release as many times as necessary. There are two main sections to configure, the Install Script tab, and the Image Settings tab:

Install Script

This is the bash shell script that will be executed to boot your server and deploy your application. See the droppanel Script Library for a varitety of boot scripts you can use as a starting point for your programming lanuage.

Image Settings

The image settings define the resources that the droplet will boot with. Different applications are going to require specific Operating System and resource requirements. Select these as appropriate for your application.

Testing your First Image

With the Install Script and Image Settings defined, you can now click Save & Test and droppanel will begin booting your droplet.

Droppanel watches the server boot and the running of your install script and will report back to you the progress, which you can see in the Install Script Output

The output from the running install script will appear
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When the instance is finished booting, you will see the Host address and other details about the droplet in the Instance Details section. Click on the Host address to ensure that your instance is running the way you expect. You can run as many tests as needed to test and built the install script.

The details from the successfully created droplet
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