Deploying Instances

Once you have defined and tested the image that will be the basis of the deployment, you'll be able to deploy the instances. Droppanel will manage the deployment and ensure that the instances deploy properly.

  1. Deploying your first release
  2. Execute Upgrade
  3. Monitor the Release
  4. Migration Complete

Deploying your first release

From the Configure Image screen, click to get to the deploy instances screen.

Click deploy instances to continue
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Execute Upgrade

For the first release, Droppanel will deploy just a single instance to the application. You'll be able to add additional instances later (if using load balancing) from the app screen. If you are ready to deploy, click

Click execute upgrade to begin the release
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Monitor the Release

As Droppanel is deploying your release, it will update you with the status of each step. Keep an eye on this page to ensure that your release is successful

Droppanel will keep you notified how the release is going
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Migration Complete

Once the migration is complete, you should see success for all tasks. If the release was successful, you can click to continue.

A successful release
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