Droppanel Providers

Providers are the hosting companies which provide virtual machine resources that Droppanel can interract with. Currently Droppanel supports DigitalOcean for production, and a Sample provider for testing purposes. In the future, Droppanel will support Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Azure, Linode and others.

DigitalOcean Support

DigitalOcean provides fast and inexpensive Virtual Machine resources at a fraction of the cost of AWS, Azure and Google. You can use DigitalOcean to deploy any type of web application, and with the addition of Droppanel, make that management easy. Droppanel integrates directly with your DigitalOcean account using the DigitalOcean API. Droppanel can help manage your DigitalOcean Infrastructure by:

  • Provisioning Droplets
  • Managing your DigitalOcean Networks
  • Rolling out new code releases and cleaning up Droplets
  • Testing out Droplet boot scripts
  • Organizing your Droplets into Apps & Services

To get started with Droppanel, you'll need a DigitalOcean account and have created your Digital Ocean API Key

Signup or Login to DigitalOcean

Sample Provider

If you just want to see how Droppanel works, Droppanel has a "Sample" provider which you can use to try out all of Droppanel's features (though nothing actually work, its just sample data!). Use the sample provider to play around with the workflows that Droppanel provides and see what is possible. See Creating your First App which describes selecting the sample provider.