Installation Script Library

The Droppanel team maintains a large collection of open source shell scripts for various programming languages and databases. These scripts are maintained for the latest versions of CentOS and Ubuntu. You can use these scripts to help you get started deploying your apps and services. View the library on github or browse the scripts below.

Apps & Programming Languages

The following scripts can be used to deploy Apps on Droppanel for your preferred programming language.

  • Ruby on Rails

    A default Ruby on Rails Application with NodeJS for assets and port 80 forwarding.

    View: CentOS Ubuntu
  • Lucee

    A Lucee web application on Tomcat and Apache.

    View: CentOS
  • NodeJS

    A basic NodeJS application with PM2 for node process management.

    View: CentOS Ubuntu

Services & Databases

The following scripts can be used to deploy Services on Droppanel for your preferred database and storage technologies.

To begin deploying these scripts with Droppanel, you'll need a DigitalOcean account and have created your Digital Ocean API Key

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